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Time for an update!

here’s a new model i created, its a machine you might know from your local grocery shop, who doesn’t love orange juice!


Playing with the Morph tag in Cinema 4d

I have been trying out some new techniques with the morphtag, basically these are 3 base poses wich shift into one another creating a smooth transition check it out!


katana modeling and uv mapping day 4

The saya is done, it´s still missing some rope around the kurikata, but i can´t complain about how the modeling is going so far (aside from a few minor bumps).
I think the motorcycle modeling course really did a good job at teaching how to model.
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Day 2 of 5 – Motorcycle Modeling Techniques in CINEMA 4D from digital tutors


I am trying to brush up my modeling skills, and decided to follow the online course at digital tutors, i am currently at day 2 and thought i’d post a picture, things are starting to take shape!

Motorcycle Modeling Techniques in CINEMA 4D

Current project

Working on an exciting new project!